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     The GALLERY HOUSE LE COCON - Hamburg-Eimsbuettel -
     had been a small factory for wooden furniture during the former century.
     After celebrating the 15th anniversary in autumn 2005, it has been renovated completely and the
     concept has also been changed.

     The GALLERY HOUSE is situated in one of the most lively parts of Hamburg , in Eimsbuettel.
     During the last years a lot of worth visiting new galleries , ateliers and workshops have been
     opened. If you look at this prospering scene , I think you can call this part of Hamburg
     "the artists quater" .
     Monthly changing, international art exhibitions take place in the GALLERY LE COCON (ground floor).
     The GALLERY LE COCON wants to show their customer circle changing high-standard art.
     At the same time we try to use our experience and introduce galleries and the work of artists from
     all over the world to the public of Hamburg. The ones who are interested in art.
     We also give artists the chance to get in touch with them.
     At the second floor you can find our cosy loft with ceiling windows, where people can meet and view
     art. All together this makes a special atmosphere at the gallery and the whole house has an
     ambiance that our regular customers comment on.
     The whole house offers different kind of events such as workshops (see also: www.atelierhaus.de),
     book presentations, speeches and events on different themes like former exhibitions
     (see also: "Highlights"). We'll continue in having one main point of effort of our gallery
     concept on TEXTILE ART, wearable, and experimental - some maybe with a FASHION SHOW.
     The other exhibitions will be FINE ART such as PAINTINGS, SCULPTURES, VIDEO ART .....
     Some exhibitions will be opened with a "highlight":   LIVE MUSIC - PERFORMANCE - FASHION SHOW
     Beside all this, the German- Turkish dialog is standing at the exhibitions, top of our wishes and
     efforts (see also: www.kunstarena.de/kindergalerie/)  and many other important themes such as:
     -   60th ANNIVERSARY of ISRAEL   -   ART and LIFE of the ABORIGINE   -   to mention some....

     At our    GALLERY HOUSE LE COCON   (first floor) we offer a friendly bed and breakfast, apartment
     with excellent service (see also: www.art-bedandboard.de).

     Feel free to contact us, if You're interested!
     Yours Dagmar Klegin-Bartelings    
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