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gallery view
     GALLERY LE COCON exhibitions are changing monthly.
     The exhibition will be opened on the first weekend of the month and will always have an
     opening event/reception. Textile art with a fashion show or performance.
     During the exhibit time other arrangements can take place in the gallery, what expands for more
     visits. Regular opening hours, workshops in ateliers bordering on the gallery, and the
     ATELIER LE COCON upstairs (art to wear, textile art) and the bed and breakfast apartment in one
     house, has increased the number of visitors.
     The gallery has wallspace (hanging space) for artworks of 4 - 6 painters ( 6 - 7 m, each, wall-height
     2,80 m) and exhibiting space for 2 - 4 artist with three-dimensional artworks (skulptures, objects).
          Gallery achievements
     Internet presentation - press work - newspaper announcements - invitations (print, mailing) -
     gallery care - installation/suspension, unpack/repack of artworks - preparations for the reception.
          Achievements of artists
     All artwork should be sent/delivered/shipped in time to arrive latest four days before the opening
     event. Pictures must be framed.
          Costs for exhibitor
     390,-- Euro + Tax      + 20 % commission for sold artwork. Exhibiting artists are responsible for all
     freight (both ways) costs and for total insurance costs , together with possible customs.
          For galleries, groups and different combinations please ask for divergent conditions.
     It is also possible to rent an atelier(studio) (for example for workshops) + gallery + apartment.
     Feel free to contact us if you want to participate!
     Yours Dagmar Klegin-Bartelings
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