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ORIGINALE:  WITCHITTY GRUB 061 - The witchetty grub is considered a delicacy and is full of protein. It is eaten raw or cooked on the hot sand near the fire. I am not permitted to eat it because it is my Dreaming. SEVEN SISTERS 048 The Seven Sisters are the Napaljarri skin group. They are the first choice wives of the Jakamarra skin group. The Napaljarris are the constellation of Pleiades and Jakamarra is Orion. The Seven Sisters are the mothers of all our people. MILKYWAY DREAMING 071 Our spirits journey to the Milkyway when we pass on. When we return and re-incarnate, we come back as a falling star. When we enter earth we become one with the earth and all life. The footprints represent our children walking together in harmony and respect under the constellation of Orion. To us the stars of this constellation are the Creator. SNAKE DREAMING 071 The Snakes are our Creators. They made all things. When they were born they came out of the earth and turned into people. These two people lived with my family but were punished for breaking our law and turned back into Snakes. These two Snakes are called the Rainbow Serpents and we consider them family.    ART PRINT: 


WALANGARI KARNTAWARRA wird weiterhin in Europa von der GALERIE LE COCON vertreten.
will continue to be represented in Europe by the GALLERY LE COCON.
Einige seiner beeindruckenden Bilder (Acrylmalerei) sind in dem LOFT, in der zweiten Etage des Galeriehauses LE COCON, zu sehen. Ausserdem sind signierte, limitierte, hochwertige Kunstdrucke eines seiner Motive, im Format: 70 x 100 cm, erhaeltlich.
Some of his impressive original paintings are viewable in the second floor loft area of the gallery house LE COCON.
Also available: limited edition, signed high quality art prints "winparrku" - in the size 70 x 100 cm.
Walangari Karntawarra - ist Nachfahre des beruehmten Albert Namatjira (Ur-Grossvater) und Clifford Possom (Grossvater), der
ihn in die Malerei der australischen Wuestenstaemme eingefuehrt hat. Walangari Karntawarra betrachtet seine Malerei als eine Form kultureller Kommunikation. Er ist ein Multitalent: Musiker - Taenzer - Maler. Die Stationen seiner Karriere nach dem Studium der Kunst und Erziehungswissenschaften, reichen vom Lehrer - Kuenstler - bis zum Direktor des ersten Aboriginal Radio- und Fernsehsenders. Er liebt es die Symbolik seiner Bilder zu erklaeren und hat sich immer als kraftvolle Stimme der Ureinwohner betrachtet und sich intensiv fuer die Belange seines Volkes eingesetzt.

WALANGARI  WANGARDI  KARNTAWARRA  JAKAMARRA,  also known as  COLIN MCCORMACK,  was born in Alice Springs in 1961.
He is of the Arrernte, Luritja, Walpiri, Yankuntjatjarra, Pintubi, Anmatjerre and Alyawarre peoples of the Central and Western Desert.
WALANGARI   has held many executive positions and directorships of various Aboriginal Councils. He chaired CAAMA (the Central Australian
Aboriginal Media Association), the first Aboriginal owned radio station and was a director of the first Aboriginal television station, Imparja.
He is committed to improving the lot of his people and helping ensure that the voice of Aboriginal Australia is heard.
He has Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees and an Associate Diploma of Aboriginal Education.
Walangari has designed and conducted his own very successful cross-cultural course at the Institute of Aboriginal Development in Alice Springs.
The course was attended by many overseas and local professionals and students. Like the course, Walangari sees his paintings as a form of communication between cultures. Walangari is multi talented. He is a gifted musician and dancer, with a wonderful stage presence.
It was the legacy of his famous great-grandfather,  ALBERT  NAMATJIRA  and the inspiration of his grandfather  CLIFFORD  POSSUM 
that encouraged him to paint. While his paintings tell the traditional stories of his people and feature the iconography of the "Western Desert", Walangari uses a fuller colour spectrum and unique effects to forge a striking path within modern Aboriginal Art.
His paintings are widely acclaimed and he has exhibited extensively both in Australia and overseas.
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